stairs matching every RUDDA parquet
stairs matching every RUDDA parquet many variations
Parquet All Inclusive! The stairs must also fit. Each floor has its steps. As massive large format plates that can be cut to your desired size or as a step with Stiegennasen profile. Through our production, we can offer you the optimum tread solution for all floors.
As a ground acrobat, the Rudda planks are suitable for a wide variety of interior and design variants. They can be used as well as treads as well as concrete step coverings and also make a perfect wall cover.
You are even used lovingly to make furniture, doors, handrails and table tops. No matter how unusual your wishes may be, the Rudda-Wohn (t) raumberater will gladly help you.

The variety of stairs from Rudda

The right levels for every application. Our sales consultants are happy to help.

Steps on all sides made of parquet material
Steps with serration milling
Steps with solid wood edge band
Steps made of glued solid wood