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Variant 1: Wall claddings

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RUDDA wall claddings: Artistic Walls That Make Parquet Floors Float!

Inspiring Masterpieces for Your Walls: RUDDA Wall Coverings Transform Your Space into an Art Gallery. In addition to a diverse selection of exclusive wood wall coverings designed specifically for this purpose, we also offer over 300 parquet floors that are perfect for wall cladding. By seamlessly transferring the floor onto the wall, a harmonious overall picture is created. But at RUDDA, aesthetics go even further: We provide the opportunity to source doors made from the same material, creating a cohesive and thoughtful design concept. Immerse yourself in the world of RUDDA and let your walls become true works of art.

Variant 2: Parquet as Wall Cladding

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Discover Hidden Treasures for Your Walls –

Reclaimed Wood and Exclusive Specialty Woods!


Uncover true gems in wall coverings at RUDDA – from unique reclaimed wood to exquisite limited-edition specialty woods. Each wall covering tells a story and brings unparalleled character to your spaces. But at RUDDA, it’s not just about extraordinary materials. We also offer professional installation by experienced craftsmen to ensure your wall coverings are flawlessly applied. Rely on our expertise and let your spaces shine with the exclusive rarities from RUDDA.

We understand that people seek an aesthetic upgrade, an expression of their personal style, or a functional solution. Our wall coverings provide not only that but also a sustainable option to create a cozy atmosphere and increase the value of your property. We believe in individuality and the power to transform spaces with unique designs. Ing. Friedrich Rudda, Founder & CEO

Large-scale Art for Your Walls - Experience the Textures, Shapes, and Magical Highlights!

Welcome to the RUDDA Showrooms, where you can experience the fascinating wall coverings up close. Here, you can admire the artworks on large surfaces and discover unique textures and structures. Unleash your creativity and choose how to incorporate the wall coverings in creative forms to create a unique visual highlight. Immerse yourself in the world of RUDDA wall coverings and let the art and diversity inspire you. Your walls will never be the same again!

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