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legal information
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§5 Abs. 1E-Commerce-Gesetz (ECG)
Member of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
(Vienna and Lower Austria)

Headquarters – Waldviertel
Dr. Rudda GmbH
3860 Heidenreichstein, Mühlgasse 1-3
Tel. +43 50 755 200 – Fax +43 2862/523 64
UID number. ATU18043506 – Commercial register no. 33166z – FB-court Krems

Branch – Vienna North
Rudda GesmbH
1210 Vienna Donaufeld, Angyalföldstraße 101
Tel. +43 50 755 600
UID Nr. ATU40470806 – Commercial Register no. 131024h – FB-court Wiener Neustadt


CEO: Ing. Friedrich Rudda

Professional association: trade / building ancillary trade

Member State: Austria / Austria


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5. Legal validity of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the Internet offer from which this page was referenced. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

Terms and Conditions

first Placing an order:
All purchases of goods are fixed by signing the order letter. As order confirmation the buyer will receive a copy of the order. This expressly acknowledges our terms of sale, delivery and payment. Dimensional changes are only possible within 3 days of placing the order and only in writing for specially manufactured goods. As soon as a sales advisor exceeds his power of attorney by verbal agreement or makes a price mistake, the sales company Dr. Rudda GmbH or Rudda GmbH intend to withdraw from the contract. Telephone orders are recorded in writing by the seller and are only valid if the order confirmation (Buyer) has been received by the seller.
When placing an order by companies, the authorization for the purchase must be proven by stating the purchaser (managing director). In case of withdrawal from the purchase is a cancellation fee of 30% for stock goods as agreed. Order cancellation for custom orders is not permitted. In the event of delayed acceptance of the ordered goods by the customer, storage fees of 3% of the order amount per month will be charged, starting two weeks after the delivery time requested by the customer.

2. Delivery:
All delivery dates given by the seller are guide times. The seller endeavors to comply with the agreed upon delivery times to the best of their knowledge and belief. But he must ask for understanding, if a delay in delivery occurs, the outside of the area of ​​Fa. Rudda GmbH is located. These are z. B. Failure to comply with the delivery dates of subcontractors, events of force majeure or traffic disruptions, but also unpaid or late paid deposit of the customer or not or late announced measurements and the like. The delivery time for specially manufactured goods begins only after clarification of all missing dimensions and the down payment. A resignation of the buyer due to delay in delivery is only after fruitless expiry of a reasonable period of grace set by the buyer of at least 12 weeks from the agreed delivery time, as well as paid in advance and announcement of all dimensions allowed. Claims for damages due to delayed delivery are excluded in the case of external, justified causes of the delay.
The delivery to the construction site means delivery on a road that can be driven on 20 ton trucks (height about 4.5 m, width about 3 m) and provision of takeover persons and unloading staff. The buyer will be notified by telephone or in writing in good time from the day of delivery. The seller is entitled to execute orders in partial deliveries and charge separately. The buyer agrees to pay invoiced partial deliveries immediately to the authorized cashier of the seller. Down payments are not deducted for partial deliveries.
The delivered goods are transported by the delivery staff of the seller to the next, ground-level covered area (front door, garage, etc.) of the buyer. The buyer confirms the proper acceptance of the goods by signing the acceptance / delivery note. All goods are to be checked for completeness, correctness and damage. Visible defects are to be reported immediately to the deliverer and recorded on the acceptance / delivery note. Any defects which have emerged later must be reported in writing, stating the characteristics complained of. The seller assumes the warranty for his products only when installed correctly according to Austrian regulations. Complaints by the buyer of visible defects must be made immediately before the installation or assembly. Complaints about already laid or assembled goods can no longer be accepted. The buyer also undertakes to ensure proper storage. For defects that arise as a result of improper storage and care or improper processing, the seller is not liable.

3. In addition to duties:
When placing the order, the buyer is informed about the proper use and care of the purchased product. As a rule, detailed instructions for use and installation are also handed over or included in the packaging, which must be adhered to. Important note for parquet installation: In order to avoid jointing of parquet, a relative humidity of 50% must be observed. The correct care of the parquet, depending on the surface painted or oiled, can be found in the care instructions. Damage caused by improper use by the buyer or a third person, these persons have to carry themselves. Only items in original packaged packages may be returned by the buyer within one month from the date of delivery. At least 15% handling fee will be charged for this. Extra manufactured goods or no longer stored, expired goods can not be taken back or exchanged.
The prices are in principle from the warehouse of Rudda in Heidenreichstein. Delivery, installation and assembly costs are always charged separately. In the case of installation and assembly by the seller, the purchaser must sign the installation certificate, which confirms the correct execution of the installation and installation work.
For installation / installation by assembly companies, which are only arranged by the company Rudda, the complete installation costs have to be charged by the customer directly with this installation company. In addition, the company Rudda is liable only for the quality of the delivered material but not for their installation.
Customary or technically unavoidable natural deviations (color or grain differences, dimensions, etc.) do not entitle to the complaint.
After expiry of 6 months from the date of acceptance by the buyer – except for hidden defects – any claim is excluded. In case of legitimate complaints, the seller will remedy the defect within a reasonable time.
The delivered goods remain the sole property of the seller until the full payment of all claims arising from the purchase contract. For the duration of this retention of title, the buyer undertakes to treat the delivered goods with care and to protect the seller from any access by third parties.
For planning documents, designs and drawings the company Dr. Rudda GmbH the property and copyright. Disclosure to third parties, especially the competition, is prohibited due to existing copyright.
Furthermore, the seller also reserves the right to assert other compensation claims arising from this.

a) When buying the goods of the seller, this is to be paid immediately upon collection.
b) Depending on the agreement (note on the order), a down payment of at least 30% for stored goods and 50% for custom-made goods, of the purchase made. The remainder is for self-pickup or directly upon delivery to the equipped with ID, eligible to collect employees of Dr. Rudda GmbH.
c) For deliveries by freight forwarders, the balance is to be paid in full in advance.

5. Acceptance and late payment:
Non-compliance by the Buyer with the general conditions of sale, delivery and payment shall entitle the Seller to additional handling, manipulation and storage costs as well as damages.

6. Jurisdiction:
It applies the factual and local court for consumers. For entrepreneurs, the jurisdiction of the district court – 3950 Gmünd / Lower Austria applies to Dr. Rudda GmbH and 2340 Mödling for the Rudda GmbH – regardless of the amount of the value in dispute according to § 104 JN as agreed.

7. Changes:
All changes to these conditions of sale, delivery and payment must be recorded in writing and signed by the buyer or seller. In case of partial invalidity of these terms and conditions, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions is not affected.

September 2013

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