So many benefits are only available at Rudda
So many benefits are only available at Rudda

High-quality craftsmanship for decades of satisfaction.

Processing at the highest level and using traditional methods at RUDDA for 100 years.

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For a holistic, cozy feeling of living

Create more cosiness in your home with high-quality RUDDA natural wood products. Treat yourself to the unmistakable barefoot feeling and experience the pleasant colors, patterns, surfaces and possible combinations that are only available directly from RUDDA.

Over 300 exclusive designs.
Designed by Ing. Rudda.

See for yourself in the following video how much passion lies behind the many RUDDA creations. </ p>

Outside, a sign says “No smoking!”. And inside they smoke, the creative minds, in front of their drawing tables of the RUDDA design department. The customer’s desire for individuality demands ever more new door models, exceptionally designed ceilings or unique parquet designs. With the already incredible RUDDA model variety, this is not an easy task. Mastermind is usually the boss personally. What he sees in his mind’s eye, must first be implemented.

And if Ing. Friedrich Rudda has a vision, then he does not settle for half-hearted solutions. Only when everything meets the smallest detail of his ideas and high quality requirements, there’s the okay for the production. So many nights have turned into day. But anyone who thinks he can proudly bathe in the success of a successful project is mistaken. Spurred on by the success, the boss is again imaginative. And then they smoke again day and night, the heads behind the door with the sign “No smoking!”.

Unique Diversity

As one of the largest door and parquet suppliers in Austria, we welcome our customers in our experience showrooms with over 100 different doors in different heights, qualities, price ranges and designs in many types of wood. You can also expect more than 350 different types of parquet in more than 52 types of wood, produced with a variety of surfaces from oiled to handscraped, from aged to brushed and even more. Let yourself be inspired!

Only real wood for life

Rudda stands for authenticity and uniqueness. Therefore, Rudda parquet floors and doors are made exclusively from the highest quality real wood materials and lovingly handcrafted for you. We consciously oppose the modern throw-away-society by offering our customers only durable products.

Pioneering Product Design

For our customers, the best is just good enough for us. Especially in terms of design, we strive to always be the famous nose in advance and to anticipate the wishes of our customers and anticipate.


The innovative parquet surface treatment from RUDDA for an easy-care and carefree life in parquet.

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We will provide advice

still capitalized.

Get to know the personalities of RUDDA in the following video.

We fulfill your special requests

We say “My life. My dream home.” A decision almost for eternity. Our experienced consultants will gladly assist you with your choice and inform you about advantages, application options, color selection, care and much more.

Parquet, doors and wall coverings out of the same material.

Exclusively from RUDDA you get floors, doors and wall coverings made of the same wood. For a harmonious overall picture based on the motto "Create your own style".

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longlife quality & durability at a fair price

Quality has its price. At Rudda this means the highest standards of quality at a customer-friendly price. Through mass production and tight costing, we can offer our doors, parquet floors and wall coverings well below the market price.

Immediate delivery.

Your RUDDA advantage: the goods always correspond to our sample surfaces and are reliably delivered by us.

Huge Central Warehouse

More than 250,000 square meters of finished parquet and over 10,000 doors with a matching frame are ready for you in our air-conditioned central warehouse in Heidenreichstein! These include not only standard designs, but also innumerable unusual creations, types of wood and surfaces. Much is therefore ready to pick up.

Convenient Delivery

Through our in-house fleet we deliver your new doors, parquet floors and wall coverings carefully to your doorstep. Of course, you can also pick up the purchased products yourself in our central warehouse in Heidenreichstein or one of our branches.

Showrooms with real living spaces and large sample areas

At RUDDA you can look forward to spacious showrooms with huge pattern areas, so you can also imagine how our natural wood products can look at home.

For 100 years

the best of wood.

Learn more about our imposing “wood-path”, which connects three generations.

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The aim and task of RUDDA is to show our customers that you can design your own home with the many beautiful RUDDA products. Ing. Friedrich Rudda, CEO

We also offer you the professional assembly of our products

If you do not have the necessary experience or simply lack the time, we will take care of your professional installation with long-term colleagues. If necessary, we will record your natural dimensions, discuss the various laying options and special solutions and will be happy to respond to your wishes and ideas. Of course, you can also assemble our products yourself. Our experts are also happy to assist you with instructions and tips and tricks.