EasyCare™ by RUDDA The innovative surface treatment for a carefree parquet life.

Your advantages of a RUDDA natural wood floor
with EasyCare ™ by RUDDA surface

The direct contact with the wood

EasyCare™ by RUDDA consists of herbal ingredients such as natural coconut and soy fats that penetrate deep into the wood without solvents and crystallize from the inside. These biological approach avoids chemical substances like plastic, synthetic resin and VOC. With RUDDA Parquet you are therefore working directly on real, living wood and not on a cheap plastic / lacquer / PVC layer with often carcinogenic plasticizers.

In addition, RUDDA parquet is antibacterial and allergy-friendly , as the innovative surface does not provide a habitat for mites and dust cannot get a hold.

You can feel the clear difference between RUDDA parquet when you go barefoot , as the unique RUDDA surfaces with EasyCare ™ feel significantly warmer, more comfortable and pleasant, cuddly , as if you were walking directly would walk on the tree trunk. Because only real RUDDA parquet is always a piece of unadulterated nature.

RUDDA parquet is beautiful for a long time

With EasyCare ™ by RUDDA there is no artificial layer on the wood. This means that unlikely "hops" on the hard-wearing RUDDA parquet can be removed selectively without having to sand the entire surface. In the case of other surface treatments (e.g. with artificial varnishes), the entire parquet surface must be sanded down, if at all possible. Therefore, modern RUDDA parquet does not require intensive maintenance, cannot be compared with conventional parquet floors and saves money and time in the long term. In addition, RUDDA parquet is free of static charge , as the EasyCare ™ by RUDDA surface does not bind dust.

RUDDA natural wood products clearly stand out from other offers on the market due to the many loving and manual processing steps . Only RUDDA parquet offers particularly hard-wearing surfaces that have been developed for very demanding areas such as kitchens, entrances, hotels and restaurants and are therefore also very popular in the contract sector . A possible "scratch" is less visible on RUDDA parquet than on other, smoothly sanded or only lightly processed floors.

With the optional use of a RUDDA wooden floor soap in the mopping up water, the surface stays fresh and insensitive for longer.

The expert Rudda consultants in our experience showrooms will be happy to tell you more about the unique advantages of our RUDDA EasyCare ™ surfaces.

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