Mix and Match The new symbiosis of living by RUDDA.

Discover the art of individual living with RUDDA Mix & Match. With us, you’ll experience unique possibilities to design your spaces holistically and with unparalleled originality. We go beyond the ordinary interior design concept and offer you the freedom to bring your home to life in a very special way.

With a wide range of products such as parquet flooring, doors, wall claddings, and steps, we provide you with the unique opportunity to design your entire interior according to your personal vision. We rely on exceptional designs, high-quality materials, and innovative solutions that give your living spaces a distinctive character.

Our goal is to fulfill your living dreams and offer you a unique living experience that you won’t find with any conventional interior designer. Immerse yourself in the world of RUDDA Mix & Match and let our creative diversity inspire you. Here, your furnishings are more than just furniture – they are an expression of your personality, your individuality, and your love for the extraordinary.

Visit our showrooms and let our experienced team advise you. Together, we will find the perfect combination of colors, materials, and designs to transform your spaces into true works of art. Treat yourself to the exceptional experience of furnishing your home holistically and uniquely with RUDDA. Because with us, it’s about more than just furniture – it’s about realizing your living dreams.

Entire interior made of RUDDA Nevada

Entire interior made of RUDDA Cadiz

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Embrace exciting contrasts for an incomparable living concept.

Experience the boundless freedom of living with RUDDA Mix & Match. Whether it’s a harmonious unity or an intriguing contrast – we offer you the opportunity to design your interior according to your own vision. Discover our diverse range of products and let your creativity run wild to create a unique living concept with fitting contrasts. At RUDDA, you will find the perfect balance between unity and individuality for your home.

Visit one of our four large showrooms and be inspired by the countless wood variations for floor, wall and ceiling. Our experienced sales consultants are gladly there for you.

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