Mix and Match The new symbiosis of living by RUDDA.
Harmony in wood </ strong> </ h6>
A living landscape to feel in from the pleasurable barefoot feel of the floor to the caressing door surface. If you draw the uniqueness of the grown wood structure from the floor over the wall cladding and the ceiling beams to the beautiful door. Branches, cracks and gumming in the floorboards, which find their counterpart in the door grain, draw a special kind of natural painting. As always, it all depends on the overall composition, which as a fine living tune invites people to hum along.

The Kingdom of Unlimited Home Decor </ strong> </ h6>
Solid wood doors made entirely of solid wood with surfaces of ancient or new oak, decorative, ridged and with traces of use, join smooth doors, white lacquer doors and doors with extravagant relief surfaces. Also special heights up to 250 cm are possible. “Create your own style”, and design your home with an individual combination of floor artwork, matching wall cladding and magnificent door sculpture!

Visit one of our four large showrooms and be inspired by the countless wood variations for floor, wall and ceiling. Our experienced sales consultants are gladly there for you.

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