Penthouse with Chateaux Nr. 3

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Welcome and hello. Today we can introduce you and you to another successful RUDDA project.

With its decorative cracks and branches that are only partially darkened, the “1-Strip Chateaux No. 3” (to the product) tells its very own story. She lives and breathes. It offers the framework for pure sensuality, which reveals itself particularly when feeling, feeling and barefoot.

Since wood is a natural product, each plank is unique in terms of color and grain and gives each room a homely and homely atmosphere.

project overview

Get an idea of the Chateaux Nr. 3 parquet flooring.

Steps to match your parquet floor
Lively surface effect thanks to planks of different widths
Parquet flooring and steps seem like a single piece
The smoked surface creates a cozy atmosphere

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