Telekom-Shop – Ljubljana

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Handscraped parquet floors from Rudda are known throughout Europe for their durability and robustness.

The floor is exposed to very heavy loads, especially in shops with high customer frequency. Countless shoes walk the floor every day, regardless of the weather. Thanks to the special, handscraped surface, parquet floors from Rudda are perfect for these requirements. Due to the wavy surface, you can only walk on a small part of the parquet floor. Thus, only this is worn out and the surface retains its original beauty for a long time. In addition, scratches from small stones are less noticeable due to the rustic look.

But despite all these advantages, parquet does not only belong on the floor. Try to think a little more vertically and let the beautiful parquet floor continue to run on your walls. This creates a particularly homely and inviting ambience.

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