Ancient Plank

Chateaux 2

1-strip plank Oak ANTIK aged CHATEAUX Nr. 2, handscraft, natural oiled, 220/15&22cm (50% of each width)/14mm (composed length in the package), with partially smooth or also deep, open relief-structure, 4-side bevel

1 strip plank, Parquet
oak naturally oiled surface deep treated with big, striking bevels

very lively, rustic and knotty wood grading with deepened, dark resinated cracks and knots fully bonded also suitable on underfloor heating particularly decorative and effective both as floor or wall covering in residential and commercial sector this oak floor will delight you if you walk barefoot on it every day

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Chateaux 4
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strength: 14mm width: 15cm/22cm length: 220cm
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This RUDDA floor is also available as: Wall cladding or for creative use as a tabletop or furniture

Main attributes of RUDDA Chateaux 2

Symbol optics optics:
wide plank
Symbol optics optics:
mixed width
Symbol Händisch Ausgearbeitet optics:
manually deep treated
Symbol optics optics:
long plank
Symbol Angenehme Barfußoberfläche comfort factor:
pleasant barefoot surface
Symbol durability durability:
Symbol Antik gealtert surface:
ancient aged
Symbol Händisch ausgearbeitet surface:
manually deep treated
Symbol Pflegeleicht mit EasyCare™ by RUDDA Technologie surface:
Symbol underfloor heating underfloor heating:
Symbol bevel bevel:

cosiness & classic style perfectly combined


Old, worn out optics and modern living culture. Chateaux ancient planks are not only adaptable, but with extraordinary elegance and beauty they also characterise every living room and make it your very personal dream home. Not only do they endure a lot, they also, as the name says, endure forever! Unimpaired noble, consistently beautiful and clearly genuine! Installed in different lengths and widths and with a gently sanded surface and rounded bevels, they give every room stylish cosiness! In addition, with the motto "Design Follows Function!", the ease of care and durability of this real wood flooring with its spectrum of colours and grains will inspire you.

Chateaux Ancient Nr. 2 Floor quality you can see and feel.

Chateaux ancient oak planks are looking like they are, old, worn, lively and beautiful. With their decorative cracks, knots that are only partially resinated, they´re telling their story. Best in a healthy room climate with sufficient humidity of 50-60%, optimal for people and natural wood flooring. Chateaux ancient planks offer the frame for pure sensuality, which is particularly revealed when feeling and walking barefoot. Wood is a natural product, every plank is therefore unique in its colour and grain. Mix the planks particularly lovingly according to your taste in order to obtain a harmonious laying pattern.

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Many knots, cracks and faults tell the story of the Chateaux. A fairy tale that didn't start yesterday and certainly won't end tomorrow, but guarantees one with a happy ending. Eng. Friedrich Rudda

Datasheet for RUDDA Chateaux 2

strength: 14mm width: 15cm/22cm length: 220cm top layer: 4mm
optics wide plank , mixed width , manually deep treated , long plank
comfort factor pleasant barefoot surface
installing options full surface bounded
durability strong
grade knotty , rustic
rooms bathroom , dining room , children´s room , kitchen , bedroom , living room
surface-treatment oiled / waxed
structure 2-layer glued
surface ancient aged , manually deep treated , easy-care
underfloor heating suitable
bevel handmade
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Mehrschicht Eiche/Schichtholz
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