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3 strip plank

Whether children's room, youth room, guest room or study. The belt parquet, with its large selection of grains, textures and wood colors, makes every room a home. But even in the exclusive living room, it shows that it has stayed on the ground above all in terms of prices. Our parquet floors provide an extraordinary play of colors thanks to a large selection of different types of wood. Even with the surfaces you are spoiled for choice between care-free UV oiled, varnished, naturally oiled or many colored oilings. It is certainly the right parquet floor for every customer request. Whether floating installation or full-surface bonding on underfloor heating, both are possible.Not only nature is a master of efficiency. Also the belt parquet knows what it has to do. Even under pressure permanently beautiful, it is particularly suitable for small areas. No matter which wood and which color you finally choose. All our wood species are characterized by a lively grain and are used for the production of particularly valuable floors.

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15 durable RUDDA parquet floors exclusively available at RUDDA. Worldwide delivery!

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