House with Bordeaux andGalerie

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Hello and welcome. Today we can introduce you and you to another successful RUDDA project.

When the heart dances with joy

Due to the laying in different lengths and widths, our “Plank 1-Strip Bordeaux” (about the product) not only looks interesting, but also brings out the natural beauty and rugged wood structure.

The aged surface caresses the tips of the toes with relish, gives a foot reflex zone massage through its cracks, branches and small bumps and inspires with its indestructible durability.

The door as a design object

The extraordinary thing about the “Schleiflacktür Galerie” (about the product) is that they are not only beautiful, but also look lively. Everything that comes close to you, people, things, light, is effectively reflected in the polished high-gloss stripe, which also continues on the frame.

A door like a strong personality that attracts admiring glances.

project overview

Get an idea of the Bordeaux parquet floor and the gallery lacquer doors.

Aged planks for a pleasant living atmosphere
Rustic floor paired with modern doors
Interior doors adapted to your needs
Flush look of door leaf and frame

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