House with Deep Forest 3

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Welcome back to our blog. We were on the road for you again and took photos of one of many successful real projects.
The feeling of living with RUDDA natural wood products is unique, stylish and very homely. We are perfectly happy and have a lot of joy! Frau V., Kundin

This time we were again in the Vienna area and visited a beautiful family home for you. In this project, about 200m2 of our great natural wood floor “Deep Forest No. 3 Antique Brown” was laid and the implementation, including planning, took about 6 weeks. Not only RUDDA natural wood floors were used, but also our aesthetic doors to round off the pleasant feeling of space.

There were clear criteria for the floor itself: resistance, durability, high quality, the right color and a roughly processed surface with a unique wood texture. It was immediately clear that only a RUDDA natural wood floor could be used for this combination of attributes – therefore, according to the customer, there were no alternatives.

Our products were installed in the entire house, as well as partially in the outdoor and entire sanitary area. In addition, all doors were replaced and two thirds of the door frames were clad with our natural wood “Deep Forest No. 3 Antique Brown”.

When asked what she appreciated about the advice, the proud homeowner replied: “What I particularly liked was the competent and reliable advice. Friendly, courteous and solution-oriented – Mr König was a hit and even during the first wave of the pandemic everything was set in motion so that we can continue to implement the project. “Friends and acquaintances were also blown away when they saw the newly renovated house entered, according to Mrs.

Such great feedback always encourages us to do our best so that our customers can make their dreams come true. See you next time with the RUDDA Home Stories.

project overview

Discover the many details that characterize this project

Steps made from the same wood as the RUDDA parquet
Interior doors made from the same wood as RUDDA Deep Forest No. 3 parquet
RUDDA boards in mixed widths give that certain "extra"
Discreetly used wall cladding in the kitchen, for that special "touch"
Extremely hard-wearing RUDDA parquet surface suitable for kitchen use
Mr. König,

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