sliding doors open new worlds

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Doors create spaces and are important for well-being at home.

The interior doors from Rudda lend the rooms a unique atmosphere with their harmonious and individual design. Their appearance can be very different: depending on the individual wishes of the customer and the design and functional intention – the premium manufacturer Rudda combines all the requirements for a high-quality door.

A space-saving variant of the door is the sliding door. It organizes the household and disappears, depending on your taste, either in the background or in the foreground. The sliding doors of the Austrian wood specialist Rudda are characterized by elegance and sensuality. Whether as a room divider or to close the wardrobe or the cabinet space – in their form, they always follow the function, without losing their sophistication. Rudda offers wooden sliding doors or aluminum frames with glass as floor-to-ceiling sliding doors or as a unique Cube ® sliding door system to suit every style of living. For every lifestyle there is a fitting staging with the right sliding door by Rudda

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