wall-to-wall wood planks

It used to be called "the broader the floorboards, the richer the farmer", wall-to-wall parquet planks are today the epitome of exclusive living.

It is not for nothing that they are also called castle planks. Their representative generosity represents the pinnacle of modern and classic parquet culture – especially if they are made in such perfection and exquisite material, as by the wood expert RUDDA. The product lines Chateaux Royale, Chateaux Classic, Colorado as well as the Gutshof-parquet are lovingly crafted from up to 200-year-old woods and transport the charm of old mansions in their own four walls. The high-quality planks have one thing in common: They consist of three layers of finest oak wood throughout and are available in lengths of up to 450 cm, but on request also up to 700 cm or longer.

With their natural structures and authentic shades, the oak planks, up to 40 cm wide, convey an impression of high-class elegance. Some of them with antique-aged, handscraped surface or saw-cut look. Evenly, the interior is opened up step by step, hallway for hallway. The noble planks lead the views through the private living landscape, take you into a world full of naturalness and in this way create a harmonious symbiosis of floor and room, environment and home. Due to the use of excellent woods, they are extremely hard-wearing and therefore ideally suited for heavy duty use, not only in the entire living area, but also in the commercial sector.

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