Exclusive Premium 1 Strip Plank

Chateaux Royal 400

1-strip plank Oak ANTIK aged CHATEAUX ROYAL natural oiled 400/24&32cm (50% of each width)/20mm, brushed, soft smoked,4-side bevel, with visible open and partially filled cracks and knots, with sawn-cut, 3-layer all Oak: 6/8/6mm

1 strip plank, Parquet
oak smoked, ancient aged, oiled ancient aged surface with saw marks and partially dark deepend, resinated cracks and knots

plank structure: 3-layers glued oak throughout knotty wood grading with natural colour and grain differences installation: fully bonded also suitable for underfloor heating for the exclusive, heavily used residential and commercial sector

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  40 / pcs.
incl. 20% AT MwSt.
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strength: 20mm width: 24cm/32cm length: 400cm
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This RUDDA floor is also available as: Wall cladding or for creative use as a tabletop or furniture

Main attributes of RUDDA Chateaux Royal 400

Symbol optics optics:
extra wide plank
Symbol optics optics:
mixed width
Symbol optics optics:
room-long plank up to 4 metres
Symbol Angenehme Barfußoberfläche comfort factor:
pleasant barefoot surface
Symbol durability durability:
Symbol Luftgetrocknet surface:
Symbol Pflegeleicht mit EasyCare™ by RUDDA Technologie surface:
Symbol Sägeschnitt surface:
saw marks
Symbol underfloor heating underfloor heating:

Restaurant Golar

Oak Wide Plank in Lenghts up to 400cm.

Chateaux Royal

Countless satisfied private and commercial customers at home and abroad.

The Chateaux Royal by Rudda is not only a floor that shapes the room like no other, but also a designer piece that decisively improves the sense of space. And he can do more than he shows at first glance. This is because the unique 3-layer structure of oak glued thoroughly gives it particularly high dimensional stability. Therefore, the Chateaux Royal is particularly suitable for the commercial sector and is not only effective in the modern penthouse and the spacious villa. Also in the traditional country house, in hotels, restaurants, castles, even in breweries, ski huts, offices and museums it is the best choice for you because of its special effect and charisma and its extraordinary durability. With this magnificent Rudda oak plank floor, used as a generous floor or as a wall covering, you can enjoy an excursion into the infinity of being with up to 200 years old wood, which can be installed as wide planks, floating, nailed or fully bonded. Available in generous lengths up to 400cm and widths up to 32cm.

Floor Quality You Can See and Feel.

Solid wood parquet made thoroughly from 3 layers of oak wood - this is unique on the parquet market.

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Your perfect RUDDA addition to this RUDDA product

Equal and equal joins - matching the RUDDA parquet

You will find everything suitable combined with us - your dream floor made of the same wood as your RUDDA doors, wall cladding and steps.

mix and match
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Your exclusive RUDDA benefits

Further RUDDA benefits
A RUDDA floor is the definitive design element of your room and shapes for generations. Ing. Friedrich Rudda, CEO

Datasheet for RUDDA Chateaux Royal 400

strength: 20mm width: 24cm/32cm length: 400cm top layer: 6mm
optics extra wide plank , mixed width , room-long plank up to 4 metres
comfort factor pleasant barefoot surface
installing options nailed up , full surface bounded
durability strong
grade knotty , rustic
rooms bathroom , dining room , children´s room , kitchen , bedroom , living room
surface-treatment oiled / waxed
structure 3-layer glued
surface air-dried , easy-care , saw marks
underfloor heating suitable
colour process tempered
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3-Schicht Eiche
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