The whole story you’ll stand on
in the following film.

Gustav is a true perfectionist. He always finds something that bothers him. Nothing has ever been good enough for him.

From the depths of his heart, he longs for something special, something unique. Something that truly suits him. That's why he is always in search of what seems impossible to others. He doesn't give up until he finds his happiness. And sometimes, the path to it is rocky...
His current adventure takes him on an unknown journey. Plagued by years of longing, Gustav gathers his last ounce of energy to find the perfect surface. See for yourself...
Cold and impersonal.

Bored by the usual sermon, Gustav began to sink to his knees. No trace of reverence, the stone floor was worth the sin. So distant from the sermon, so close to the stone floor.

The visual allure attracted Gustav, but the impersonal coldness and lack of delicate texture of the stone floor pushed him away. The stone floor wasn’t worth the sin, it wasn’t desired by Gustav.


In the theater hall, he spent even the premiere of a new production crawling on the floor. Disgusted by the unhygienic and dusty carpet, Gustav crawled between the legs of the audience, like a soldier in search of naturalness.

The struggle is futile, the mites already in sight, that’s why he wants to get away from here as quickly as possible.




Too sterile, lifeless, and suuuper smooth.

Even while swimming, he couldn’t get the thought of the perfect surface out of his mind. To avoid getting lost in the daily routine, Gustav had to dive. Amidst lost clumps of hair and peeled band-aids, he glided weightlessly through the thermal water. With a dull gaze and waterlogged fingers, he caressed the expressionless, slippery, and impersonal tile surface.

His eyes burn… Is it the chlorine? No, it’s the surface that made him lose interest in the tile!


AHA! WOW! In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, he stumbled upon the Garden of Eden of surfaces as he passed by by chance.

Struck like lightning, he came to a halt. Astonished, he gazed at the people lying on the floor. A natural, warm scent of wood caressed his senses and drew him so deeply into its spell that he immediately had to approach the entrance. The sight of the customers lying down, seemingly savoring the special, antiquated surfaces created through painstaking craftsmanship with all their senses, captivated him.

The initial astonishment quickly gave way to enthusiasm, compelling him to join the other customers. Just a few seconds later, he too was captivated by the spirit emanating from the perfect surfaces, and he blissfully ran his hands over them.

After 45 years of searching for meaning, accompanied by Kant, Plato, and Aristotle: FINALLY! The realization!

Gustav exclaimed, “I stand on RUDDA!”

The experience is something truly special.

Gustav found it fascinating how unique pieces emerge from a single piece of wood. There’s no comparison to commercially available, lightly processed parquet surfaces. Each piece is endowed with an incomparable texture. With a deep understanding of the material and traditional craftsmanship techniques such as crafted bevels, delicate planing strokes, and subtle saw cuts, extraordinary parquet floors are created at RUDDA using young oak and reclaimed aged wood.


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