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Exclusive floor design by Rudda. Combined with the unique striking look and the charm of WallArt decorative wall design.
My Living Ballet.

Glide into the realm of dreams with Swan Lake. Top dance is not for everyone. But light-footed glide over the magnificent barefoot feel of the almost eternally long weathered surfaces – wildly furrowed and extra refined – much sooner. A floor like a landscape that invites to look over the horizon also in terms of style and dare exciting contrasts: Old floor to purist interior design – or to antique pieces.

Everything is possible, but the dose makes it. Whereby already each of these planks represents a precious unique. At the same time, the elegant grains of the up to 300-year-old genuine antique wood shimmer through and tell a story of naturalness.


reclaimes wood plank Plank Silbermine 3

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Passionate design from the antique hallway to the wall cladding from ancient wood give a feeling of arrival and want to stay.
Pure romance.

As always in life, the true feeling is created in real life. Like an application in the bedroom. When the room fills with moments and emotions beat their somersaults. When the floor is integrated in the dance of passion. And the wall cladding filled the room with coziness.

Wall Art by Rudda provides a place of rest, sometimes even silence. In addition to aesthetic criteria also include quality, durability, ease of care and an optimal price-performance ratio.


wall covering Wall Art Silbermine 3

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