the latest fad: hypermodern living

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Flat surfaces, clean lines and geometric shapes. Discover the hypermodern living style with Rudda products.
The 3D floor.

It is reminiscent of the cubic artworks of Vasarely and impresses in its fine multidimensionality with the clarity of ice crystals or the efficiency of molecular structures. The fine wood rods in many different wood shades, he is best way to cool design classic. And therefore fits perfectly with any style of living.

Above all, this special panel parquet impresses with its unique spatial effect, which makes every room a space and turns any room into a refuge.


tile-parquet Atrium Line

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Clean floor design and flush doors make the perfect all-in piece of art.
Flush with space

If the whole determines the point of view and subordinates everything to the distance. The generous, the through-going. Only a shadow gap separates the door leaf from the surrounding wall. However, the basic prerequisite is the millimeter-accurate installation of the special frame into the masonry as well as an absolutely level and vertical attachment of the plaster by the craftsmen of the construction company.

The overall picture delights with a puristic, reduced-aesthetic door, which subtly subordinates itself to the wall surface.


seemless door Cube Cutline

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