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Enjoy the new symbiosis of living with unique parquet surfaces which are continued by interior doors and wall coverings.
child friendly.

Even for the most intensive use by children, dogs, cats and other pets, Relief planks are recommended for their robustness and indestructible beauty in various lengths and widths.

Through the planed surface and the associated light-shadow-play, scratches or other traces of use disappear in the high-low-optics and predestine these planks in particular for heavily used areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens but also objects such as shops , Hotels, restaurants, even museums and galleries.


1-strip plank Nevada

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It always starts with a very exciting head cinema. Ideas that will come true then.
Door closed. And everyday life stays outside.

Made entirely of different layers of wood, this top-quality door is guaranteed to be tight. The exterior front impresses with spectacular woods and decorative bevels between the boards. The handcrafted, hand-waxed and hand-oiled surface with its impressive and varied grain tells its own story.

The horizontal look provides an innovative touch. Made entirely of pure solid wood, Ecoline convinces with its perfectly crafted combination with a strong real wood top layer on the outside and a solid spruce core.


solid wood door Ecoline Nevada

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The oak outlasted us all.

Oak was not always in vogue, but it tells a story of infinity. Because only from the proud age of about 100 years does an oak acquire its wooden maturity.

Long neglected, architecture and interior design have finally rediscovered this witness of Austrian natural culture. As a floor, as a wall cladding and as a ceiling artwork. Noble woods in new colors and structures, made of old oak wood, with antique weathered, partly chopped, patinated surfaces, act as eye-catchers and bring as representative wall coverings animation and charisma in every room. Easy to install, they give warmth and a stylish touch.


Oak paneling chopped, weathered

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