the contrast makes the difference

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The wild-natural drawings of the hand-crafted oak wood finish with many branches, cracks and incomparable patina find their mirror image in the coordinated floorboards.
Even when it comes to living, it all depends on the screenplay.

A gripping plot needs her heroes, a clear highlight and a few eye-catchers. Not to mention the happy ending. That is why Rudda’s relief planks are getting more and more beautiful the more they experience them. Children playing with building blocks and driving around with plastic cars leave them as unimpressed as frolicking dogs or romantic high heels.

The more and more intensively the high-low optics are emphasized by additional scratches, etc., the more interesting and unique their character. The main actor in our case is one or the other door, which not only serves as a room divider, but connects the individual acts of life.

Between modern, purist white lacquer doors, a decorative solid wood door to match the floor as an eye-catcher? Why not! So the door creates additional tension. Just like the ground, with its strong, vivid color and texture differences and whitish, large, decorative cracks and branches.


1-strip plank Lake St. Claire

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Already one or two of these eye-catching doors give class to the room and loosen up the door landscape. Ing. Friedrich Rudda
Doors that give structure to life.

It is always the opposite that attracts. Here the massive and natural wildness with exciting relief optics of the antique or hand-crafted door surface, which makes every white wall a stage like a design object.

Because the space that begins to live suddenly. Whether by saw cut optics, strikingly cracked cracks and branches, hand planing or lived antique patina, which only came through decades of weathering, the result is outstanding in any case: doors with a special surface texture and grain for an elitist sense of living.


solid wood door Ecoline

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It is simple. It is modern. It is timeless and reduced.

You could almost overlook them in a positive sense. Because she does not push itself up, does not care about itself and yet stands out clearly for itself. It leaves room for living and ideas for being. It has something when the door and frame almost seamlessly flow together and no bands are visible. When the door slides elegantly and fits one another so exactly. Door and frame seems to be made for each other.

If you have suddenly found your great love for these very reasonably priced, flush-fitting doors, congratulations. Interesting, funny and fashionable door handles set a stylish exclamation point. Delicate groove and surface milling in various designs enliven the standard smooth-lacquered door surfaces.


white laquered door Plano

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