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squares parquet

Long before our time, the squares-parquet or star-parquet played a very important role. Initially only in castles and mansions. Today, the high-quality parquet tiles in various types of wood also find their home in a smaller building, as the prices of such a floor have become more affordable. Whether in hotels or galleries, where the stress is very high, you can create an elegant pattern with the beautiful panels. Floor is not the same floor and so you can fulfill a dream with a parquet floor by Rudda and live like the kings of yore.With woodart, design and star parquet flooring, Rudda shows you its constant creativity and what we have to offer in exceptional new developments in product and design. And lets you guess what we will develop for our customers in the future. True to the motto: "You get standard products everywhere." At Rudda you will find the most beautiful floors that you are looking for elsewhere in vain.

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85 durable RUDDA parquet floors exclusively available at RUDDA. Worldwide delivery!

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